Commissioning a work of art is a unique collaboration between artist and collector. I thoroughly enjoy taking on commissioned projects when the time allows and would love to discuss the details of your envisioned piece with you. Whether you have a vision for a perfect piece or just an idea of what you like, it’s a creative approach to obtaining a piece of art that is one of kind and special to you!


36″ x 48″ oil on canvas

For this commission, my clients wanted the focal point of their kitchen to be a piece featuring all the fruits from their backyard trees. After my photo shoot of their harvest, we agreed on a composition. They loved my idea of adding the classic red checkerboard tablecloth. It added just the whimsical touch they wanted.

The Commission Process

  • An initial consultation via phone and email will allow us to discuss the details of what you have in mind regarding subject matter, size and style. A preliminary estimate can be provided after the consultation.
  • Sketches/digital mock ups will be provided to work out exactly what you have in mind and to see that we are on the same page. If you can send me photos of the space, I can digitally show you what the piece will look like once installed. Once a final composition/image is agreed upon, an estimated timeline and payment schedule is determined.
  • Once paint application begins, a 50% payment is required. I will email photos of the piece as it progresses.
  • Upon completion and your approval, the final payment is due before the piece is shipped to you.

Shipping is an additional cost and will be determined when the piece is packed, measured and weighed. Estimated shipping costs can be discussed before it is shipped.

The Perfect Pairing

30″ x 40″ oil on canvas

Some of my best clients (a married couple) brought me bottles of wine from the regions in Italy where both their families are from. I even ‘engraved’ their family names on the base of each wine glass.

Life of a Lime

(1) 44″ x 61″ and (3) 19″ x 19″

This commission started with the client’s unique bowl/collander from the Museum of Modern Art. They were unsure what fruit they wanted but after seeing some photos I took with the limes, they knew it was the right fit. They wanted a grouping, so I came up with the ideas for the smaller canvases and they decided to paint the wall that fabulous purple! On installation day, it was just perfect. And the MOMA bowl that is featured in the painting, sits on the glass table in front of the piece.

If you send me photos of the space, I can show you a digital preview of the piece in it’s new home.

This is one of the photos the client had to choose from.

The finished painting.